Cairngorm Brewery

Cairngorm Brewery

The highly-rated Cairngorm Brewery is a quick and easy 10-minute walk from Ravenscraig Guest House, which is handy if you fancy sampling the beer. No designated driver needed!

A Little Background

Since 2001, the Cairngorm Brewery has been creating craft beers. They use 20 barrels to produce around 6,500 litres of ale every day. They have a few staples that they brew all year round. If you fancy something a little different, then you can try the seasonal offerings. They always have something fascinating and tempting to try. You can stick with a familiar continental style beer, or since you’re in Scotland, you could opt for a Scottish Milk Stout.

The brewery is going from strength to strength. In both 2016 and 2017, their offerings were declared the Champion Beer of Scotland.

Visiting for a Tasting Session

Tastings are available in the brewery shop. For the bargain price of £7, you can try samples from their kegs, casks and bottles. The 45-minute session will give you the chance to learn more about the brewery and their process. Then since you’re already in the shop, you can purchase a bottle or two to take home.

The Pub And Restaurant

If you want to give the beer a try in a more traditional setting, you can visit the Winking Owl. The “Winky” is run by the brewery and is ideally situated in the centre of Aviemore. They have a selection of beers from the brewery on tap as well as bottles.

You can enjoy the local beer in a pub setting and even get some outstanding Scottish food to soak it up. You could even try the Beef and Cairngorm ale pie, so you get the best of both worlds at once! As an added bonus the pub is dog-friendly, so you can have a drink after a long walk in the Cairngorms with your faithful hound.

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