Laggan WolfTrax- Mountain Bike Route

Laggan WolfTrax

Laggan woods is home to more than 20 miles of purpose-built mountain bike trails. The views are amazing, and the routes are fun and exciting. You can pick the right track for your ability, and there's something for every level of rider.

The Green Route

This is the easiest and shortest of the routes. At 4.5km it's perfect for a family bike ride. You start with a gentle climb before winding your way back down through the woods.

The Red Route

The longest of the three routes at 13.4km this is a challenging and exhilarating course. It shares part of it's track with the black run but has the opportunity to by-pass the more challenging features if you need. This is a fast and fun route that offers a challenge for more experienced mountain bikers.

The Black Route

This is one for expert riders only. Some consider this to be the most technically challenging route in Scotland. There are rock features, drop-off, boulder fields and rocks slabs to navigate past. With no by-passes on this route, you'll need to come with your 'A-game', plus a helmet and pads.

The Orange Bike Park

The bike park is a single track that will take you sweeping around the berms, and flying through the air off the jumps. This is the perfect place to test your skills. It's not aimed at young children; this is a playground for experienced mountain bikers only.

Getting There

Getting the Laggan WolfTrax is easy you head south down the A9. Join the A86 at the first opportunity, and you'll soon see the signposts for the park. It takes no more than 40 minutes to get there from Ravenscraig House.


You do have to pay for parking, but it only £1 for an hour or £3 for the whole day.

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