The Frank Bruce Sculpture Trail

A unique sculpture trail in the Cairngorms is slowly losing its works of art—just as the artist intended. Great fun for all the family and a fun way to entertain the kids in the woods - (3/4 hr Approx)

Sited at Feshiebridge in the Scottish Highlands, these striking carvings explore Scottish culture, and our place in the world. Some are striking and beautiful, others exude an air of mystery and menace.

The inevitable fact that some of the sculptures would weaken and fail, whilst others stood the test of time, was a key element of the sculptor's original concept.The sculptures were made from reclaimed wood by the late Frank Bruce (1931—2009). The impressive and beloved collection of works in timber and stone are carved in the ‘archetypal abstraction’ style developed by the self-taught, Aviemore-based sculptor.

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