Zip Trek Park

Zip Trek Park

Less than 15 minutes down the A9 from Ravenscraig House you can find an exhilarating day out. Zip Trek Park is a fun-filled treetop adventure and is the perfect venue for making some holiday memories that every member of the family will love. There are two courses to try out with over 3km of wires to zip along. To book visit their website

The Zip Trek

This is a guided tour through the Scottish Pine trees of Alvie Estate. The course is 2km in length and is made up of14 individual zip wires. The course starts you off gently with some easy and slower wires. All the while, it works you up to faster and faster rides. The finale is adrenaline-pumping 550m line that reaches speeds of 40 mph.

Zip Trek Park Aviemore

This course is suitable for anyone over the age of eight. You just have to be able to get to the top of the course and comply with the safety requirements. Kids under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by adults, with a maximum of 2 kids to 1 adult.

The Zip Adventure

The newest addition to Alvie Estate is the Zip Adventure course. This course is entirely self-guided. You will remain tethered to the safety lines throughout as out zig-zag over Alvie Gorge. This option has 17 pulse-pounding zip wires for you to fly along. As this is a self-guided and more challenging route, the age limit for this course is ten years old.

Night Zipping

If you're in the area between November and February, then you can take the whole experience to the next level. You can fly through the colourfully lit landscape under cover of darkness. If you thought a zipline in daylight was exciting, wait until you try it at night time. The night zipping course follows the zip adventure trail, so you'll have a fully self-guided night time adventure. It really is an escapade like no other.

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